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About Us

Concrete Eurway is a local business from Katy, Texas! We take pride in our hard work and satisfy our customers with a 100% guarantee in our service. We can assist you with all of your concrete needs as well as Patio Construction, Retailing Wall Construction and now offering Concrete Rising! Concrete Eurway has been in business since 2007 over 13 years specializing in Concrete Lifting, Concrete Repair, Asphalt Paving, Concrete Driveway Installs, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Sales, Concrete Sealing, Decorative Concrete and Foundation expertise. Call us today!

1 Trip hazard could cost you some $$$$$

Are you worried about the cost, or how long this project will take to fix?

With polymer concrete lifting you do not have to depend on weather, wait for concrete to show up,  do not have to wait 72 hours to use, and no long term mess!

The best part is you can use as soon as we are finished!

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Polymer concrete lifting!

Polymer concrete lifting has come a long ways for concrete repairs due to sunken concrete.

With our technology we are now able to drill a 3/8" hole in the concrete instead of a 5/8" hole or larger that other companies may still use for injection points.  That being said just means that the drilled holes are a cosmetic look, so the smaller holes that have been patched might not stick out as much as a 5/8" hole or larger.

Here are some good reasons to use polymer concrete lifting

  • Your down time is so minimal verse breaking out the concrete and possibly exposing an accident waiting to happen.
  • Once we are finished cleaning up you are able to use immediately.  
  • You will not have miss matched colored concrete that stick out like a sore thumb from a new pour verse old concrete 
  • You can save money 
  • Contractors are not waiting on concrete trucks to show up.
  • Weather does not play in a big factor like pouring new concrete.
  • At Concrete Eurway we have an awesome support team where we buy our product from.

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